Day 20: ARMOUR


There is a show that I used to enjoy watching while it was on. It was called ‘Once Upon a Time.’ I loved that show so much. I know it could get really corny but I don’t care, I loved it. The lead character of the show, Emma Swan had this really cute leather jacket that she just loved wearing. Whenever she was going into difficult situations, Emma wore her red leather jacket. 

It wasn’t until a few seasons later that it was explained that Emma saw her red leather jacket as an armour. It made her feel bolder and stronger and ready to tackle whatever she had in front of her. That is how I see my dark lipsticks. 

I love wearing dark lipsticks. I never knew much about makeup and I didn’t know how to apply it. It wasn’t until about two years ago that I finally figured how to do a decent level of makeup that won’t look horrendous. When I started doing makeup, I quickly realised that I loved the darker shades more because they made me feel tough. They made me feel a little fearless. 

I realised that just like Emma’s red leather jacket was her armour; my dark lipsticks had become my armour. A lot of people have always wondered why I stick to the darker shades and this really is the answer. I have had major anxiety for a pretty long time and being able to step out and feel a bit of confidence because of the colour of my lips, is the most awesome feeling. 

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