Day 30 – Challenge

Hey hey hey!!!!!!!,
Sooo I am very I am so ecstatic right now…reason? I have reached the final day of the challenge…I am so proud of myself…and that is because…I have accomplished something…I didn’t quit on this…There were days that I felt like just stopping the challenge…but I said ‘Dolly you can do this’…I promised myself that I’ll finish and I did…Anyway, before I start blabbing too much…let me just finish of with the last challenge….and that is to talk about my highs and lows of like the past month…
Well, topics like this are always kind of difficult to talk about cuz I never keep records or details that much…but off the top of my head…I’ll just mention a few high and low points of this month for me..
The past month wasn’t so bad…I mean, things didn’t go all wrong and I have experienced some good things come out of it. I got offers from all the universities I applied to which is a good thing. The interview that I did for one of the universities was really nerve racking and I thought I was going to mess up but turns out that I didn’t and they actually thought that I did well. I finally got my picture taken for the newspaper. I have been waiting since like December and I finally got it hopefully..sooner or later…my article will be published in it. Also, I think the gift of life given by God to me has also been awesome because I am healthy and my friends and family are alright…I mean..I really appreciate God.
Just as it had its up sides, this past month also had its down sides…It was quite difficult and stressful. My teachers kept breathing down my neck, giving me the ‘You are in A2’ speech….I really tried to improve but it seems that to myself even..I wasn’t working as hard…which made me feel disappointed in myself…Exams was another frustrating thing that I had to go through….I started having the worst exam phobias that I have ever had in my life…like I have always been nervous about exams but never that scared…I couldn’t understand it.
Finally, crushing on someone who will never know…or might not feel the same way…was kind of frustrating….but it’s alright…I guess.
So I’m done…Nothing so special there…All I’m happy about is that I’m done with this…I thank everyone that has followed it since the beginning and for those that joined in later…because I know that I can be a bit boring…Thanks for reading guys…And I’ll be posting better posts for you guys soon enough….Love ya’ll.

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

Day 29 – Challenge


Hey everyone,
So last night, I shared a feeling that I miss with you all…Today, I’m going to talk about my goals for the next one month…
I’m not the type to set monthly goals and this is because I always think something will mess it all circumstances could change and shit like that and then I won’t be able to achieve those goals I set..and I’ll be upset with myself and so in order to avoid all these, I just live everyday as it comes and if I can I set my goals for each day. However, for the sake of this post, I will list some stuff that I hope to achieve. I don’t know if I will achieve them but I hopefully pray that God helps out because I haven’t really achieved these type of goals before….(I think)..Okay, so off the top of my head, in the next 30 days, I hope to have finished reading my coursework books. I also want to be able to read more and pray more. I hope to find a balance between playing and reading. Anyway, that’s all I can really give for now because it isn’t something I have thought through…but I think this summarises it all. Thanks for reading guys.

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

Day 28 – Challenge

Hey hey,
Yesterday, I gave you guys one cool story of a problem that I had….well…it’s not like it was much of a problem but I had to say something…Anyway, today I’m going to talk about something that in something I wish I could have right now….
So…basically…music has always been my life….I have loved music from a very early age…When I say music, I mean like everything about music has always been special to me…I started going to music school when I was 6…I loved it even though I gave my teacher a headache…Entering secondary school, music was my shelter… Loved everything that had to do with music….Due to lack of practise, I lost my ability to play….I wish I could have those moments back….I miss those times…I felt at home and at peace…I forgot about all my worries in an instant…I plan to get those moments back…it might take a while…but I’ll get them back…

Sorry this looks rushed, I got to sleep..

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

Day 27 – Challenge

Hey beautiful people,
Sooo yesterday,I spoke about the kind of person that makes me drool…Well, today I’m going to talk to you guys about a previous problem…Now this one was really really hard to think about and I don’t know why…Like I have literally been thinking about this one since yesterday and funny thing is when I first saw the challenge, I thought this one would be like the easiest…but seems I was wrong…Well, eventually I came up with something…that I’m not sure if it has been much of a problem…but I just have to say that at least this particular issue I’m out to talk about opened my eyes…Enjoy!
Okay so, when I was younger, (and when I say younger I’m talking about like up to about 2 years ago).., I had this problem of not being able to separate fairytales from reality…I always thought that I would have fairytale relationships where I would be with that hot, sexy, good looking, perfect Romeo…and he would bring me flowers and kiss me all the time…I always believed that he would be everything I dreamed of and when he say he loves me, he would mean it and I would believe it without any shadow of doubt and that after everything…we would live in our beautiful castle happily ever after…Well, not a castle but somewhere nice…My God! I was so damn naive and stupid too because how could I think that this kind of stuff existed in real life…Anyway…after having about three relationships in like one and a half years, I think I learnt my lesson…Fairytales aren’t real…They don’t exist…You see…all these books deceived us…Truth is, we don’t know what happens after the ‘happily ever after’ Haven’t you ever questioned it though…Why must all fairytales end with happily ever after I mean, why don’t they teach us about the dangers out there….? Well, maybe it’s because ‘Experience is the best teacher’ but still though…You know, i didn’t realise the difference..until I experienced all these….I finally learnt that, meeting your soulmate is not going to be a piece of cake…It would take tears and pain to meet him and he won’t be perfect….He would make his mistakes but you will know that he is worth it…It won’t be like a fairytale…It’s going to be more….earth-like, more realistic…I finally realised that fairytales keep a lot of secrets hidden…They don’t really show us the pain it takes to get us to to our one true love…I mean..there is more to my foot ‘fitting into a glass slipper’….

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

Day 26 – Challenge

Hi guys,
So yesterday, I spoke about someone special in my life that fascinated me…Today, I’m going to talk about the kind of person that attracts me…
Okay, to be honest…I’m not entirely sure what to say about this particular one…I have been thinking about it for a while now…but I still haven’t like reached a conclusion…You would think that by now, I should have a clear picture of the kind of guy that attracts me..but truth be told…I’m not really sure about it…This happens because I get attracted to a lot of guys for completely different reasons…I don’t always get attracted to the finest guys or the sexiest guys…Sometimes when I get attracted to some people, others wonder why it has to be that particular guy and sometimes I wonder the same thing….but the thing is I can’t really control it…
For example, there is this guy..I’ll call him S…S is not the finest guy on earth..neither is he the sexiest…At first, I just thought that he was really cute and he smiled all the time..Oh my God..then I used to say ‘Aww, he is so cute’.. But then, I started to find him like really attractive…I don’t know why…maybe it was just the way he looked in sweats…I don’t know…I just got attracted to him..It was like some sort of magnet pulling me to him and all…So thing is, I never really had a particular reason for getting attracted to someone…Although, I’ll have to say that personality is a HUGGEEEE factor for me…I mean, a guy’s personality can turn me on or off in an instant…If there is one thing I dislike in a guy or in people in general, it’s a bad attitude…Can’t stand it…So, I can’t get attracted to a person that behaves like a bitch…Honestly can’t…
I can see a guy and get attracted to him in an instant but if he behaves in a snobby or stand-offish way, it can turn me off…

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

Day 25 – Challenge

Hey people,
So yesterday, I spoke about my favourite movies…Well, today I’m going to talk about someone that fascinates me and I’ll tell you the reason why too..
Okay…so when I first saw this particular subject, I was thinking if what I could write….Thought about writing of a celebrity…but ya’ll already know that I’ll talk about Bruno Mars and I did t want to do that as I have spoken about him enough…I thought about writing about God…but God isn’t human….and I’m reserving another post for Him….Thought about writing about some of my girl friends…but they are more than one obviously…so eventually I decided to write about someone that I hardly ever really appreciate…I want to dedicate this post to him because he really does fascinate me a lot…
His name is Doyin. Now, let me give you guys a brief history of my relationship with Doyin. Doyin has been in my life for close to six years now. When Doyin and I started talking, I saw him as ‘Just one of my friends’….I didn’t realise how deep I was in our friendship until Doyin decided to leave in SS2…TO KOREA!!…..and he didn’t even tell me….I found out from his best friend, Michael..I ran to where Doyin was and I started to ask ‘Doyin, why are you leaving? Why didn’t you tell me? and before I knew it, I started to cry…I started to fear that I was about to lose a friend and that chances of me seeing him again or being as close as we were was almost slim to none… I WAS WRONG!
Doyin and I kept in contact with each other. We are even closer now than we ever were…Doyin has done so much for me…He has been there through it all…Through all my tears, pain, joy, laughter…everything…When something major happens in both of our lives, we make sure we tell the other immediately…we tease…we joke around…and when we both are in the same time zone, we find a way to try and see each other even if its just once…cuz we are not the type of people that get out of our houses very often…
I know people say that as friends, you have to fight…Well, Doyin and I have never fought…and I have no idea why…All I can still say is that our friendship is real…
One day I said to him ‘You are an amazing person…you are like my best friend’ and he said ‘I think we have passed that stage’ I couldn’t agree more..
Doyin is really smart…and he always tries to help me out and encourage me…The kind of things that doyin has experienced with me in this my life makes me wonder why he still even bothers….He manages to make me laugh and to see the good in every situation…We can talk for hours….Ask us what we have been talking about? Nothing at all…
My whole point of this whole story book is that Doyin is smeone that fascinates me and he is an awesome person and friend…and I love him with my heart……

So, I guess…I may have blabbed a little…but I hope I have been able to give you guys an insight into someone that really fascinates me…

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

Day 24 – Challenge

Heyyyyyy people,
Yesterday, I gave you some beautiful pictures of five handsome, sexy, talented…(I need not say more)….male celebrities…Today, I’m supposed to write about my favourite movie…Well, I have two favourite movies…Like they are my favourite movies of all time…They never get old for me and I watch them over and over I’m just going to talk about them a little bit…
The first movie is:

This movie was my childhood men…..I love it for daysss…I have watched this movie like up to a thousand times….literally…It is so good….I mean who didn’t watch sound of music as a child….This movie is like timeless…Julie Andrews…Oh my God…I will forever love her for this movie…and it is soo old..yet it just manages to catch my attention every time….and the songs in it are just….Men..if you haven’t watched sound of music, you are missing out big time….Pls grab your copy..NOW!

The second movie is:

My dad introduced me to this movie because at some point, he really loved J-lo movies like big time….So daddy came home one night with this CD like when I was like 6/7 years old…and he is like ‘you should watch this movie…..Jennifer Lopez is in it…’ Wasn’t completely sure who J-lo was and like when your dad recommends a movie for you to watch, you might be a bit scared that the movie might bore you out of your mind…..but boy was I wrong….I fell in love with this movie….I fell in love with J-lo…I fell in love with everything that this movie had to offer….I watched this movie so much until the cd started cracking….Maid in Manhattan is so goooooodddd….I mean…it is amazing….and I just love it….

So we are done, my two favourite movies…Glad I could share…

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ