It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense For It To Be True

A couple of weeks ago, in one of my classes, we had a heated conversation. We were talking about religion and we were barely scraping the surface of it but it got us so riled up. Well, at least I was. I try my best to avoid talking about religion so much because it is such a sensitive subject but in this situation, I couldn’t avoid it.

Now, when I left the class with one of my friends, I told her: “Why is it that because something doesn’t seem to make sense, people don’t believe it is possible?” I mean, I get it. As human beings, we are the higher mammals and we want an explanation for everything but some of the best things in the world don’t make sense.

Why does life have to be so logical? What would the world be without coincidences or little miracles that happen everyday? This world is such a beautiful place and it doesn’t make sense how it can be this beautiful but it is and that is a miracle. I enjoy living in a world where I believe that God exists and that angels are watching me when I go to bed. It does not need to make sense for it to be true. I know that it’s true.

So yes, call me illogical, but I believe that Moses parted the red sea and that Jesus walked on water because I have seen miracles happen everyday. I am a living miracle. I see my little cousins and I am in awe. Sometimes, I look at the moon at night and it brings tears to my eyes. Look around you, God is everywhere. And the God I know is one of love and compassion. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. He is Love itself. Anything that carries hate does not have God close to it. He is all about Love. It does not have to make sense. That’s the best part about it because if it makes sense, then what’s the surprise?

I believe that there is so much more that meets the eye and I am grateful that the world is full of little miracles.

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Dolly Diaries – Michael Jackson, Felling Fat & Scared of Finishing Uni

Hi guys,

So I started to do something different. I always have a lot of things going on in my head and sometimes, I like to air them out. In most cases, I sit in my room and I start talking to myself because I have no one to hear what I want to say because it doesn’t make sense half the time. So, I decided to share with those that come here to read my blog. I see this as something different and just a way of letting you guys see things from my point of view and I hope you enjoy listening to my thoughts.

So, in this diary, I talk about Michael Jackson and how I still feel a sense of loss over his death. I also talk about my feelings of adding a little weight and I talk about how scary it is to finish University. i hope you guys enjoy it.

Dolly Speaks – Job Scams, Life Purposes & Music

Hi guys,

So for a while now, I have been doing a radio segment for my school’s radio and it has been amazing. It occurred to me to record my segment and upload it here so this is my first upload.

On this episode of Dolly Speaks, I speak on my experience on almost being a victim of a job scam and how to protect yourself from it. I also speak on fulfilling your life purpose because I have been filling very empty. I also play some great music from my top 10 most played list. Please listen and support. ❤

Thank you.

Nominated For An Award

Hi guys,

So I am in a very good mood because some amazing news came my way last night.

So, I was in my room last night lying down on my bed and just being lazy. I did not have a very good day yesterday because I was feeling overwhelmed. I was beginning to feel very done with school, with myself, with life in general because these last two years have been very very trying for me. Yesterday, I had started to feel like a complete loser. I cried a lot and I prayed a lot and I was angry a lot. Long story short, it was just a very draining day for me.

Then, just when everything seemed to fall apart, I got a message from a friend of mine. She messaged me on Snapchat and was saying “Aww, dolly, why didn’t you tell me you were nominated?” And I was like, “Nominated for what? What are you talking about?” I thought maybe she sent a message to the wrong person or she was just playing. Then, she said fI was nominated for a Nigerian Teen Choice Award for ‘Choice Online Blogger.’

Now, for the last couple of days, i had been hearing about this award show but i did not pay much attention to it. The award show was yesterday and I was seeing it on social media but I wasn’t into it as much. Then, getting that message from my friend, I was very confused. She called me and said that she went for the award show and she heard my name called out. I was like “Are you sure? Are you sure its me?” She said she was 100% sure. I said: “How did I not know about this?”. She said she only just found out at the show. I was so confused but I did not want to celebrate yet or jubilate until i had seen the nomination list myself. I called my sister and as a social media G, she found the nomination list in like two minutes on Instagram and I was like: “Whoa!”

Now see, this blog is my baby. This blog is everything to me. I am crying again as I am writing this. Lol. I have been sharing my thoughts, my stories, my life for the past two years. Every single thing on this blog has been a part of me. I have never really pulled that much people to this blog. I do the best I can to promote it. I share it on my social media pages and I also subscribed to a blog community that helps to promote it on twitter and Facebook but I have never really blown up like that.

Seeing that nomination last night, it just brought tears to my eyes. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about it soon enough. If I had known, i would have tried to get people to vote for me. However, I am okay with this nomination. I am so thankful. I did not think that anyone thought that my work was that good. I didn’t even think I was that good and to see this, I am so humbled.

I believe God chose that moment for me to find out to let me know that I should not quit. He reminded me of a motto that I have been using for the last couple of days: “Where there is life, there is hope.” He was telling me not to give up and to carry on. Though it might seem like I am sinking into the ground, sometimes, He is there for me all the day.

I am so thankful and humbled. Thank you to all of you that read my blog, like, write comments and encourage me. You guys are amazing. I would not get a nomination if not for you guys. You guys are just wonderful. I am so blessed to have such amazing readers. You guys are my family and I love you all.

Thank you all for reading. This has encouraged me and I would keep on going. God bless you all.

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I am 7193 days old today. I learned recently that the average life span of human beings is 28000 days. Realising that made me rethink my life a little bit about how I have spent the last 7192 days. An event that I witnessed a long time ago came to mind. When I was about three years old, I witnessed a funeral.

The woman that was being buried was called Aunty Betty. Aunty Betty, from what I remember, was the headmistress or owner of my school at the time. She was a really nice lady. My parents liked her a lot and I liked being around her. Then one day, she was not around anymore.

I remember my mum saying “Aunty Betty has died” in a very sombre tone. I did not really understand it until the day of the funeral. That day, I felt like I was given a heavy dose of reality. When I watch movies or TV shows, parents explain the concept of death to their children in a very subtle way. They say things like: “She/he has gone to heaven.” That was not the case for me. I was made to understand what death was at a very early age.

Anyway, the funeral was held somewhere. I can’t really remember. Anyway, as the hearse approached, my mum took me (can’t remember if my siblings were with me at this point) to see it.I do not know why she did that. However, I don’t think she meant any harm. However, I was not informed about what I was about to see. I was told that they were bringing Aunty Betty. No one told me that I would see a coffin up close. Anyway, the hearse approached and they brought out the coffin and I burst into tears. I was wailing. I was afraid. That coffin was not Aunty Betty – at least, not the Aunty Betty I remember.

Anyway, my mum took me away from there. As they were doing the funeral in some chapel, we passed by it and I remember my mum saying that Aunty Betty died from Fibroids. It was a very sad day. I have never forgotten it.

The point of this story is that I am familiar with the concept of death. I have always known about it. I know that it is something that happens to every human eventually. So, you would think that I would learn how to live my life and enjoy it to the fullest. However, for the most part, i have always been afraid. I am always afraid of moving forward. Always afraid of what my future holds. Especially now. I am 7193 days old (19 years), finishing my degree at the end of the year and I have no idea what the future holds and I am scared.

I should not be afraid. I am trying not to be. However, there are so many people that I am trying not to disappoint and I am afraid that I would do just that. I don’t want to be scared. I should live my life and take each day as it comes and leave the future in the hands of God.

I am just trying to learn this.

Life is to damn short.

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I can show you God




I can show you God

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just thoughts and things to ponder on


                                  I can show you God
The great search for God is fruitless for some.
I knew a woman from  Santa Cruz.  We sat together often drinking hot and tasty
coffee on the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Her heart was cold and dead.She  told me God is dead and forgotten.
We are just people struggling with no place to go or reasons to be alive.

I smiled and pointed to the sea.
I told her God is alive.
Look at the dancing sea.
The sun above us. Gifts for us from God.

God isn’t our master or guide.
Life is for us to decide.
She looked frustrated and asked.
Don’t God support to protect and save us?
Look at this world. War, murder, violence and dead-ends.”

I requested her to travel with me.

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