I will always love you Maya

So, today 28th May, 2017 is the 3rd anniversary of the death of one of the most iconic women to have ever graced this earth. Even though, she never knew me and I never met her, I felt like I knew her. I always felt like I could relate to her and whenever I watched her, it always felt like she was talking to me.

Maya Angelou wasn’t perfect and she never claimed to be. However, whenever she went through trials and tribulations in her life, she learnt from it and she always passed the knowledge on. I would have loved to sit at her feet and just allow all her wisdom permeate through my head, my heart, my being.

She inspired me.

She still does. I feel blessed to have been on this earth when she was here; to have shared the same planet with such a wonderful human being.

I remember her today. I remember her for the love, the wisdom and the energy that she passed. I remember her for the PHENOMENAL woman that she was and I thank her for reminding me that even when this world is against me, I will still rise.

Rest on Dr. Angelou.

Song of the day: Glory (Common & Yolanda Adams)

Last night, I was lying in bed and preparing to go to sleep. I don’t like the room being too quiet when I want to sleep so I was looking for a Youtube video that I could play while I sleep. As I was looking through Youtube, I saw this video and I decided to watch it. I like the song and I like when John Legend sings it so I wanted to hear Yolanda Adams version.

You guys, when I tell you that this has to be one of the most powerful videos I have seen this year in fact, ever, I am telling no lies. I have heard this song many times. I have sang it many times but when Yolanda Adams sang this song, I felt the anointing of the Lord. At that moment, I saw God in her. This performance blew me away. I lay down on the bed saying ‘Wow’ to myself many times. Like, who is this woman? I mean, I know who she is but Oh my God, the respect I have for her tripled. She had me singing ‘Glory’ right along with her.

Please, just take 4 minutes and 43 seconds out of your day to watch this performance. There is no way that I can describe it to you–you have to see it all for yourself. This performance had me screaming ‘God is Good’. Wow! That is all I can say. When a performance lifts up your Spirit the way this did, all you can do is give all the glory to God.

Escape to Freedom


I saw this heartbreaking speech on youtube by a young lady called, Yeonmi Park and I just had to share. We get too focused on our own lives sometimes and it is always good to just step out of our lives and realities and witness the realities of others around the world. it is important to support in the best way we can and I will try my best to bring more stories like this because I believe that these stories have to be told. You can read the transcript below.

I have to do this because this is not I am speaking. This is the people who wanted to tell the world what they want to say. 

North Korea is an unimaginable country. There is only one channel on TV. There is no internet. 

We aren’t free to sing, say, wear or think what we want. 

North Korea is the only country in the world that executed people for making unauthorised international phone calls.

North Koreans are being terrorised today.

When I was growing up in North Korea, I never saw anything about love stories between men and women. No books, no songs, no press, no movies about love stories. 

There is no Romeo and Juliet. Every story was propaganda to brainwash us about the Kim dictators. 

I was born in 1993 and I was abducted at birth even before I knew the words – freedom and human rights. 

North Koreans are desperately seeking and dying for freedom at this moment. 

When I was nine years old, I saw my friend’s mother publicly executed. Her crime: Watching a hollywood movie. 

Expressing doubt about the greatness of the regime can get three generations imprisoned or executed. 

When I was four years old, I was warned by my mother not to even whisper. The birds and mice couldn’t hear me. I admit it, I thought the North Korean dictator could read my mind. 

My father died in China after we escaped North Korea and I had to bury him at 3 a.m in secret. 

I was 14 years old. I couldn’t even cry. I was afraid to be sent back to North Korea. 

The day I escaped North Korea, I saw my mother raped. The rapist was a Chinese broker. He targeted me. I was 13 years old. 

There is a saying in North Korea: “Women are weak but mothers are strong.”

My mother allowed herself to be raped in order to protect me.

North Korean refugees, about 300, 000 are vulnerable in China. 

70% of North Korean women and teenage girls are being victimised; Sometimes sold for as little as $200.

We walked across the Gobi desert, following a compass. When that stopped working, we followed the stars to freedom. I felt only the stars were with us.

Mongolia was our freedom moment. Death or dignity. Armed with knives, we were prepared to kill ourselves if we were going to be sent back to North Korea. We wanted to live as humans. 

People often ask me: “How can we help North Koreans?” There are many ways, but I would like to mention three for now. 

One: Educate yourself so you can raise awareness about human crisis in North Korea. 

Two: Help and support North Korean refugees who are trying to escape to freedom. 

Three: Petition China to stop repatriation. We have to shed light on the darkest place in the world.

It isn’t just North Korean human rights. It’s our rights that North Korean dictators have violated for seven decades. 

We need governments around the world to put more pressure on China to stop repatriation. 

In particular, Chinese delegates of One Young World can play a part by speaking out. 

North Korea is indescribable.No humans deserve to be oppressed just because of their birthplace. 

We need to focus less on the regime and more on the people who are being forgotten. 

One Young World, we are the ones who will make them visible. Fellow delegates, please join me as we make this a global movement to free North Koreans. 

When I was crossing the Gobi desert, scared of dying, I thought nobody in this world cared. It seemed that only the stars were with me. 

But you have listened to my story. 

You have cared. Thank you very much. 

10 Things I Want To Say To A Black Woman

I know I have been bombarding you all with lots of these spoken word stuff. I was going to stop for a while but I found this really beautiful one.

It’s like the reverse of the one that I put yesterday by Falu. This piece is probably one of the best spoken word poems I have ever heard. Every Black woman needs to hear this. In fact, listen to it every morning so that you can realize how special you are.

I couldn’t stop smiling as I was listening to it. Anyway, listen to Joshua Bennet praise the black woman.

As usual, Ill leave the transcript below for those that prefer reading it.

10 things I want to say to a black woman.

1. I wish I could put your voice in a jar; Wait for those lonely winter nights when I forget how God sounds like; Run to the nearest maximum security prison and open it. Watch the notes bounce off the walls like ricochet bullets, etching key holes into the sternums of every brother in the room, skeletons opening, rose blossom beautiful to remind you that the way to a black man’s heart is not through his stomach but its through the heaven in your ‘hello’. The echo of unborn galaxies that pounces forth from your vocal cords and melts ice grills into oceans, baptizing our lips and so harsh words fade from our memories and we forget why we stopped calling you divine in the first place.

2. When I was born, my mother’s smile was so bright, it knocked the air from my lungs and I haven’t been able to breathe right since. It’s something about the way light dances off of your teeth. The way the moon gets jealous when you mock her crescent figure with the shape of your mouth, queen. You make the sky insecure, self conscious from being forced to stare at your face every morning and realize that the blues of her skin was painted by that symphony doing cartwheels on your tongue.

3. Who else can make kings out of bastards? Turn a fatherless christmas into a floor full of gifts and the kitchen that smells like the Lord is coming tomorrow and we must eat well tonight. I used to think my sister was a blacksmith. The way she put fire and metal and made kitchen miracles at 14. Making enough food to feed a little boy who didn’t have the words to say how much she meant to him back then or have the backbone to say so the day he turned 20.

4. Your skin reminds me of everything beautiful I’ve ever known; The color of ink on a page, the earth we walk on and the cross that held my savior.

5. I’ve seen you crucified too. Spread out on billboards to be spiritually impaled by millions of men with eyes like nails who made martyrs of your daughters. So I’m sorry for the music videos;For Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl and the young man on the corner this morning. Made you want to shed your flesh and become invisible. Never doubt that they only insult you because…men are confused and we are trained to destroy or conquer everything we see from birth.

6. If I ever see Don Imus in public, I’ll punch him in the face; One time for every member of the Rutgers and Tennessee basketball teams. Then i’ll show him a picture of Phylicia Rashad, Assata Shakur, Eartha Kitt, my mother, my grandmother and my seven year old neice whose got eyes like fire bombs and then dare him to tell me that black women are only beautiful in one shade of skin.

7. You are like a sunrise in a nation at war. You remind people that there is always something worth waking up to.

8. When we are married, I will cook, do the dishes and whatever else it takes to let you know that traditional gender roles have no place in the home we build. So my last name is an option. Babysitting the kids, a treat we split equally and our bed will be an ancient temple, where I construct altars of wax on the small of your back and we make love like the sky is falling, moving to the rhythm of bed springs and Bel Biv Deveo, angels applauding in unison, saying this is the way it was meant to be.

9. My daughter will know her father’s face from the day she is born and I can only pray that the Superman complex lasts long enough for me to deflect the pain this world will aim at her. From the moment she’s old enough to realize that the color ‘brown’ is still not considered human in most places. But my daughter will have a smile like a wheelchair and so even when I’m at my worst, when the kryptonite of this putrid planet threatens to render me grounded, The light dancing off her teeth will transform the shards of my broken body into heart-shaped blackbirds, taking flight on the wind that reminds me of my savior’s hands, my daughter’s smile and my mother’s laugh when I was in her womb.

10. Never stop pushing. This world needs you now more than ever.

10 Things I Want To Say To A Black Man

Spoken word has been my rock these past few days and I can’t just keep them to myself. I feel the need to share them because they are very inspiring.

I found this poem by a woman named Falu and I love black women who know their poetry because they make you feel it deep down in your spirit. They are the ones that inspire me to keep writing. Spoken word, to me, is a blessing to the universe.

Anyway, here she gives you ten things that she would want a black man to know and I completely agree with her. The first half is about the beauty of the man and the second half kind of talks about a man’s relations with a woman. I’ll leave a transcript down below for those that prefer to read it.

10 things I want to say to a black man
1. There’s always been this awkward hue of brown that I love about you; The admirable transparency of your chest sometimes at night we lay; I watch the slaves hang themselves; even they are aware that only you can bare such a burden.

2. I watch you…on the sacred pew seats of the A train, legs ajar, feathered loose around your neck; My breath on your adam’s apple blowing in sin; I ain’t never been ashamed of what we do in the dark.

3. There is something about the skin of a black man that will make a woman squeeze herself into a box of his DNA; Something about your eyes that makes me want to collect your tears for Kool-Aid; You are magic; Always magic.

4. Sometimes in the middle of the week, I pretend to be your lover; The heavy of you on my chest, remove your suspenders; Heels on; I wore a dress for you. I said a prayer for you. I unpinned my hair for you. I crossed my legs for you. I am silent for you and you…, well you look beautiful all the time and I know that beautiful is a woman’s word but you are beautiful…

5. You catch me staring. My eyes bleeding through you pleading with the universe to ‘touch not my anointing and do my prophets no harm’…

6. Did I say that I too was magic? and that I’m just trying to make your valley of dry bones live…I’m just trying to hum you the (somme?)that has taken up residence in the scar of my C-section and climb the ladder of your spine…I’m trying to put the collage back into your knees…Brother, I would clean my house for you, run in the rain for you…I mean, do you know what happens to a black girl’s hair in the rain? but this is not about pride or greed or lust or envy but about sacrifice and sacrifice alone; Did I say that I was from a different breed of magicians?

7. Promise me that you would not promise things a man should not unless he is in fact a man; example: Do not promise me your heart, your last name, monogamy, poetry; Do not promise me the truth and then lie cause I will set your valley of dry bones on fire; Did I say that I was from a different breed of magicians?

8. Women are silly and emotional. If in fact you find a woman that is serious and emotionless, she is insane.

9. Do you remember how small you felt the first time you stood beside the ocean? How the mist from the waves wrapped around your neck like the hands of a former lover; The breaking tide against your forehead; The massage it gave your brows; Well, I’ve got those hands. Long fingers that would stagger around your eyes. I tell you the smell is a mixture of want and need and salt and tears like ocean and lake; a sea of (wet?), I swear to God, I hope that I remind you of water, of purity, of baptism.

10. You can swim…can’t you?

When Love Arrives

I fell in love with spoken word poetry sometime last year. I woke up early one morning to a post from one of my amazing blogger friends, A. She posted this video of spoken word poetry by Alysia Harris called ‘That Girl’ (which I think everyone should see. Links down below.)

I normally don’t read posts that early in the morning but I couldn’t stand up so I just decided to read it and watch the video. I was in awe of Alysia. I had never heard that sort of pain in someone’s voice and for the rest of the day, I couldn’t focus.

I showed a few of my friends the video and they were just quiet at the end. It was so beautiful and for the rest of the day, I kept on looking at videos of spoken poetry.

Then one day, I stumbled on Sarah Kay. The first poem I saw of her was ‘If I had a daughter’. I sent it to my mum immediately and I think my mum sent it to my sister. Sarah Kay has a way of getting the words across and you can tell that it is from her heart.

This video is one that she did with a fellow spoken word poet and a friend of hers, Phil Kaye. I can’t exactly describe the humour and the love and the truth behind it but you take a look and judge.

I decided to share this because it is very special and I believe that everyone should see it. It gives you a different perspective on love.

I made a transcript of the poem for those that prefer it or for those that want to read it while listening:

Sarah and Phil: I knew exactly what Love looked like…in seventh grade.

Sarah: Even though I hadn’t met Love yet, if Love had wandered into my home room,I would have recognised him at first glance. Love..wore a hemp necklace.

Phil: I would have recognised her at first glance, Love wore a tight French Braid.

S: Love played acoustic guitar and knew all my favourite Beatle songs.

P: Love wasn’t afraid to ride the bus with me

S&P: And I knew…

S: I just must be searching the wrong classrooms

P: Just must be checking the wrong hallways. She was there, I was sure of it.

S: If only I could find him

S&P: But when Love finally showed up

P: She had a bull-cut…

S: He wore the same clothes everyday for a week

P: Love hated the bus.

S: Love didn’t know anything about the Beatles

S&P: Instead..

P: Every time I tried to kiss Love

S&P: Our teeth got in the way

S: Love became the reason I lied to my parents

P: I’m going to…Ben’s House

S: Love had terrible rhythm on the dance floor but made sure we never missed a slow song.

P: Love waited by the phone because she knew if her father picked up it would be…

S :(in a deep voice)Helloo…

P: (breathing heavily)

S: (in a deep voice): Helloo…

P: (still breathing heavily)

S: (in a deep voice): I guess they hung up.

P: And Love grew..

S: Stretched like a trampoline..

P: Love changed…

S: Love disappeared…slowly, like baby teeth – Losing parts of me I thought I needed…

P: Love vanished like an amateur magician – Everyone could see the trap door but me…

S:..like a flat tyre – There were places I had planned on going

S&P: But my plans didn’t matter

S: Love stayed away for years…and when Love finally re-appeared…I barely recognised him

P: Love smelt different now…had darker eyes…

S:…a broader back, Love came with freckles I didn’t recognise…

P:…new birthmarks, a softer voice…

S: Now there were new sleeping patterns…

P:…new favourite books

S: Love had songs that reminded him of someone else

P: songs, Love didn’t like to listen to…

S&P: So did I…

P: But we found a park bench that fit us perfectly

S: We found jokes that make us laugh

P: And now, Love makes me fresh home-made chocolate chip cookies…

S:…but Love will probably finish most of them for a midnight snack

P: Love looks great in lingerie but still likes to wear her retainer

S: Love is a terrible driver but a great navigator

P: Love knows where she’s going, it just might take her two hours longer than she planned

S: Love is messier now…

P:…not as simple

S: Love uses the word ‘boobs’ in front of my parents

P: Love chews too loudly

S: Love leaves the cap off the toothpaste

P: Love uses smiley faces in her text messages

S: And turns out…

S&P: Love Shits!

S: But Love also cries and Love will tell you ‘You are Beautiful’…

P:…and mean it…

S:…over and over again…

P:…’You are Beautiful’

S: When you first wake up…

P:…’You are Beautiful’

S: When you’ve just been crying…

P:…’You are Beautiful’

S: When you don’t wanna to hear it…

P:…’You are Beautiful’

S: When you don’t believe it…

P:…’You are Beautiful’

S: When nobody else will tell you…

P:…’You are Beautiful’

S: Love still thinks…You are Beautiful

P: But Love is not perfect and will sometimes forget…

S:…when you need to hear it most…

S&P:…’You are Beautiful…

S:..Do not forget this…

P:…Love is not who you were expecting…Love is not what you can predict

S: Maybe Love is in New York City already asleep…You are in California, Australia, wide awake; Maybe Love is always in the wrong timezone

P: Maybe Love is not ready for you; maybe you are not ready for Love

S: Maybe Love just isn’t the marrying type

P: Maybe the next time you see Love is twenty years after the divorce; Love looks older now but just as beautiful as you remember

S: Maybe Love is only there for a month…

P: Maybe Love is there for every firework, every hospital visit…

S:…Maybe Love stays…

P:…Maybe Love can’t…

S&P: Maybe Love shouldn’t

P: Love arrives exactly when Love is supposed to and Love leaves exactly when Love must

S: When Love arrives, say…

S&P:…Welcome, Make yourself comfortable.

P: If Love leaves, ask her to leave the door open behind her…

S:…Turn off the music; Listen to the quiet…


S&P: Thank you for stopping by.

A.s blog: http://www.thebeautifulbeastinme.wordpress.com

That Girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_t7UsbvF4qY (Alysia Harris)

That Girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gqW5BEOjzA (Alysia Harris explains why she wrote the poem)

If I had a daughter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQgz2AhHaQg