When I got back from church last week, I received a call from my sister. She asked if I was busy cause she wanted to talk. I wasn’t. So, we got to talking. In recent times, my sister and I always have the best conversations. We talk a lot about God, life, family and whatever may be bothering both of us. We offer advice when necessary and we encourage each other when necessary.

This conversation was no different. But it was too in a way because as I was talking, something came out of my mouth that was definitely not my words but that of the Holy Spirit. I can’t even remember exactly what the conversation was about but I remember saying something along the lines of: “The Bible is a love story from God to us; From beginning to the end, God has been painting a picture of His unconditional love for us.” That was a revelation for my sister and it was for me too. Of course, we knew that The Bible was important and His Word was important but hearing those words (which I 100% believe were completely inspired by the Holy Spirit) just made my heart feel so grateful and so overwhelmed by the fullness of God’s love. 

For the last week, I have mediated on those words and I felt this need to write on it and make it public.

Guys, think about it. From the first word to the last, God had been painting a picture for us. He didn’t just write us a letter; he wrote a whole entire book. A whole book to show how deep his love really goes.

God created this book for us to be a guideline in our journey to Him. He wanted us to understand Him; to understand how He works; to understand his mind. 

There are things in the Bible that are wonderful and there are things that are disappointing. You see real people in real situations. You see real human beings who were faced with difficult tasks. You see men of God like David, who still fell short. You see persecutors like Paul who had an encounter with Jesus and his entire life changed. You see women like Rahab who, though a prostitute, was instrumental in the Israelites entering the promised land. You see people like Jabez who had a difficult life and prayed an extraordinary prayer. You see Job who seemingly did everything right but still had it all taken away from him. You see the Israelites go against God time and time and time again and yet His love for them continued to burn brighter and brighter. 

If you pay attention to the Bible, you will see clues of God’s infinite wise mind at work. You see how things connect and come about in the right time. You see how He had been working all this time for our own good. And then you see Jesus, who submitted himself as a sacrifice for us. I mean, how beautiful is this book?

Some times, people expect things they see in the Bible to all be perfect forgetting that a lot of times, the Bible is showing human beings like us. The humans in the Bible all had feelings. They weren’t perfect. They failed at times. Look at Solomon. In all his wisdom, he still had no self-control when it came to women. Same with Samson. Blessed with so much strength but still weak at the hands of women. Look at Eli, a priest of God but failed at parenting. All these stories are included in the Bible to show people that experienced things that we do and how God still loved them and used them to do great things.

The Bible was not made to condemn you because Jesus has taken that away from us. We, that belong to Christ are no longer condemned. The Bible is a guideline on how to live life. We have all the examples that we need in the Bible for every situation that we experience. And we have a choice to make. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect. He knows that we can’t be. He just wants us to try. He still loves us anyway as the Bible will show. Despite David’s shortcomings – and believe me, he had A LOT of them – he is still referred to as ‘The Man after God’s heart’. God gave us free will so, he won’t force us to do anything. He loves us regardless.

Stop looking to find perfection in the Bible. The only perfection that exists in the Bible is God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit. Other than that, we have human beings who had real lives, real experiences, real feelings, real hurt, real pain, real happiness. They had their biases and their opinions. But God used a whole lot of them anyway. Doesn’t that give us some kind of comfort? That, we don’t have to be perfect for God to love us or use us? To know that He loves us still and all He wants is for us to depend and trust in Him? I know it gives me comfort. 

I hope that in reading this, you come to see the Bible for what it really is. It is a story of love that God gave to us. 

Thank you God for loving me so much!!

DAY 6: Love is a choice

Yeah, I know, I haven’t written in a few days. I told you guys that I would try to be consistent; I didn’t guarantee that I would. I have actually been really busy and I just could not get to it but tonight, I have a thought to share.

Many of you who have read my blog for years know that I am a romantic. I believe in true love and I just genuinely love, love. In the past I had never been scared to express this to those that I cared about. I mean, yeah I was scared but I always thought that it was better to say how you felt and damn the consequences.

But, I realise that when it came to the subject of love, I’ve been extremely naïve. I thought love was just all about feeling. Thank God for growth? Amen?

I’ve learned that love is a choice. A lot of people don’t understand that the heart is evil. The Bible says that the heart is “desperately wicked.” The heart seeks pleasure above all else. And that is where our feelings emanate. One has to be careful not to be deceived by it. If you say you love someone just based off of a feeling, my dear, I think you need to re-evaluate your definition of love.

I read something a few years ago that I would never forget. It’s one of my favourite quotes, from the book “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”. It says:

“Love is a temporary madness, it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides, you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion, it is not the desire to mate every second minute of the day, it is not lying awake at night imagining that he is kissing every cranny of your body. No, don’t blush, I am telling you some truths. That is just being “in love”, which any fool can do. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident.”

Human beings are fickle. We can easily change our minds at the drop of a hat. Think of that shirt or sweater that you ‘loved’ so much four years ago, do you even remember where it is? Even if you do, how much of that love is still there? I know human beings are not shirts or sweaters but do you get my point? Will you leave this person that you claim to love if the worst thing of their lives happened to them? What if that sexy body you loved so much in your partner changes after a while, would you still love them?

All I’m saying is, love is not all about feelings. It is a choice you make every single day. You choose to love that person no matter what happens. You have to be intentional about it so that it becomes you. Remember I said that the heart seeks pleasure above all else; now if one day, the heart didn’t want that person anybody but sought after another, would you then leave that person to chase after the other?

Through the grace of God, this year, I have been wiser when it comes to love. While I think it’s good to be honest about your feelings, I also think that one needs to be wise in the manner in which they express it too. I think one needs to gauge where those feelings are coming from and ensure that they come from a place that has roots and not just from random feelings that the heart produces everyday.

In my loving, I choose people. I choose them every day.

DAY 14: Three years since the accident


You hear about people being hit by cars but you never think it would be you…until it is.

I was really busy yesterday, so I didn’t have a chance to post anything but we would just carry on today, if you don’t mind.

Today is November 7th and exactly three years ago, a car ran me over. It is so crazy that it’s three years ago now because I remember everything around that period so clearly. I had written about it around the time it happened, you can check it out here. It’s so cray because I still can’t believe that it happened to me. You hear about people being hit by cars but you never think it would be you…until it is.

I made it out okay with very minimal injuries and I don’t look back at it with sadness because it’s nothing to be sad about. I got into an accident and I was okay. I’m super grateful to God.

I was telling someone today that life is full of surprises and we need to stop trying to control everything and just appreciate life for all the good it is and isn’t. At least, that’s what I’m trying to do.

Now, getting hit by a car is a very interesting story to tell and I could do it all and give glory to God. So, win-win. Lol

Day 17: This year might just be my best one yet.


As a Christian, you may hear people say that it’s when you are in the wilderness that you hear God better.

Some of you may be wondering, ‘didn’t this babe just say that this year was financially rough for her?’; ‘didn’t she say, she took a whole lot of losses?’. Well, I know what I said. Lol. It really wasn’t an easy year for me but despite all of that, upon further reflection, I realised that this year was definitely a gift. My struggles made me get closer to God. As a Christian, you may hear people say that it’s when you are in the wilderness that you hear God better. Brothers and sisters, I would have to agree.

I have depended on God this year more than I ever have. And I heard Him speak to me more than I have ever experienced and it has been beautiful. When you are in the wilderness, there is an intimacy that springs forth with God when you depend and trust in Him. I have learned so much about my faith and why I worship and I am so glad that this happened. 

Jesus is my everything. It gives me great pleasure to be able to hear him and be in his presence. I am still a baby when it comes to the word but I am growing. Dare I say, I think I’ve become a toddler. Lol. God is good.

Also, I feel like I laughed a lot this year. Like a lot lot. I was around people that just kept on making me laugh. I got a chance to travel to England twice this year and not only see my siblings but one of my best babes, Akunna, who is just a cruise babe. Lol. And we always have the best time. And we laugh….My summer was amazing (best summer of my life). It was not a bad year at all.

Normally, when my birthday is approaching, I get depressed. But I haven’t been as depressed this year…instead, I’m excited about the future. I have heard God telling me that he is bringing me out of the wilderness into fertile land. He dropped a verse in my heart a few months ago that I have been meditating on ever since. It’s Haggai 2:9 which reads: “The glory of the latter house shall be greater than of the former saith the Lord of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the Lord of Hosts” and my God is not a man that He should lie. 

DAY 18: Did I mention that I’m officially a screenwriter?


The fact that my name is actually on something as a screenwriter is amazing to me and there is no one else that I can thank but God. 

It’s crazy that I haven’t posted about this yet all this time but better late than never right? So, this year, your girl achieved something awesome. I got a chance to actually be the writer for a web series. 

I’ll tell you how it happened.

As I have mentioned on this blog before, I really wanted to be a screenwriter. I saw that writing scripts for TV & Film was becoming a very huge interest of mine. As an avid series watcher, I wanted a chance to write and create for a show. 

So, I had travelled to England for my brother’s graduation in March. I had spent three weeks there and right before I left, a friend of mine from secondary school reached out to me. He just randomly asked me if I had ever considered screenwriting before and I told him that I had more than considered it. It was definitely something I wanted to do.

Let me just stop here to say that God is good. He knows exactly He is doing.

Anyway, as God will have it, he told me he was trying to create a web series and he was wondering if I would like to write for the show. I agreed instantly. 

So, I have been writing for the show ever since. It has been such a privilege and an achievement for me to do this. The fact that my name is actually on something as a screenwriter is amazing to me and there is no one else that I can thank but God. 

This is where I shamelessly plug myself as I ask that you guys check out the web series, House 27 on YouTube. There are currently five episodes out and it would be great if you guys could check it out, like, comment and subscribe. 

Day 19: I am trying to be more mindful


We spend so much time worrying about what could be or what has already been that we forgot to enjoy the present moment

So, I realised that I made a boo-boo. I miscalculated the days, so in order to get things on track, I am giving you guys a two-for-one today. This is how I’m learning to deal with my mistakes; when you make one, you do what you can to correct it. 

I want to talk on mindfulness in this post and how it has recently become an important part of my daily life. I am a worrier; always have been. I don’t know how it happened; I don’t know if it’s because I’m an empath. All I know is, for a s long as I can remember, I have always worried about everything.

I worry about my family, my friends, my future, my past and just about everything. I had this stupid theory that if I could just imagine the worst case scenario and prepare for it, I’ll be able to deal with it better when it comes. However, to be honest, that has never really worked because in this case, the torture comes twice. The first torture comes from living it in your mind when you’re preparing for the worst case scenario and the second torture comes when it actually happens. 

Now, in a lot of cases, the worst case scenario doesn’t even happen and so you’ve put yourself through torture all for nothing. What is the key to getting out of all of this? Mindfulness.

The first time I heard about mindfulness was when I was at uni. We had a new VC and he was such a happy-go-lucky guy who was really focused on the concept of mindfulness. Mindfulness is basically the act of focusing your mind on the present. 

We spend so much time worrying about what could be or what has already been that we forget to enjoy the present moment. We forget to enjoy the cool breeze and the sun on our faces. There is a Bible verse that says, “Can worries add a single moment to your life?” And to be honest, when you think about it, it really can’t. As a matter of fact, worrying takes more from your life as you waste so much time doing it. This is where mindfulness comes in as it forces you to live in the present. 

No one can force you to live a mindful life; you have to do it yourself. This is what I am trying to do. It’s not easy, especially when you have a mind like mine that is so troubled. But it’s not impossible. I am trying to do things that force me to live in the ‘now’ and so far, it’s really helped me in becoming less troubled. I can’t wait to fully reach the heights that I can with mindfulness and I hope that this coming year, I’ll be able to improve more on it. 

Day 20: ARMOUR


There is a show that I used to enjoy watching while it was on. It was called ‘Once Upon a Time.’ I loved that show so much. I know it could get really corny but I don’t care, I loved it. The lead character of the show, Emma Swan had this really cute leather jacket that she just loved wearing. Whenever she was going into difficult situations, Emma wore her red leather jacket. 

It wasn’t until a few seasons later that it was explained that Emma saw her red leather jacket as an armour. It made her feel bolder and stronger and ready to tackle whatever she had in front of her. That is how I see my dark lipsticks. 

I love wearing dark lipsticks. I never knew much about makeup and I didn’t know how to apply it. It wasn’t until about two years ago that I finally figured how to do a decent level of makeup that won’t look horrendous. When I started doing makeup, I quickly realised that I loved the darker shades more because they made me feel tough. They made me feel a little fearless. 

I realised that just like Emma’s red leather jacket was her armour; my dark lipsticks had become my armour. A lot of people have always wondered why I stick to the darker shades and this really is the answer. I have had major anxiety for a pretty long time and being able to step out and feel a bit of confidence because of the colour of my lips, is the most awesome feeling.